Model 70 Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench



Model 70 Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench

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The Model 70 Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench is a safe and efficient wrench for Traction Motor Suspension Bearing Bolts that reduces time and effort. Savings in labor and locomotive downtime will quickly repay your investment.

This Wrench offers smooth, controllable hydraulic power that prevents impact or shock loads, Multiple Torque Settings with a torque range of 200 to 1600 foot pounds, and precise and repeatable torques to insure even and accurate tightening of bearings.

What’s included in the Model 70 Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench

Complete Unit Consists of:

Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench
Hydraulic Power Unit-1 1/8 HP Electrically Driven 10,000 PSI
Power Unit, ocmplete with controls, pressure guage, pressure regulator, and factory sealed pressure relief valve
25-foot hydraulic hose and control cable
Sockets and swing torque arm for EMD or GE traction motor bearings
All mounted on a rubber tired cart for ease of mobility
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