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TAME provides a full line of EMD and GE Deisel Engine maintenance equipment to provide you with assured quality and accuracy in a minimal amount of time. Our 30+ years of experience in this industry includes custom torque wrenches for a variety of other applications. Whether it is our standard equipment or a custom application, you will be pleased with our products.

Locomotive Industry

Tools and wrenches used by the locomotive industry around the world.


Offshore Oil Rigs

From oil rigs to tub boats, diesel ships and more our tools are used around the world.


Power Plants

Our tools are used by power plant personnel every where


Stationary Generators

work on stationary generators done with our tools in dozens of countries.



From our inception¬† our wrenches have been fully automated, requiring minimal intervention¬† by the operator. Our wrenches are sold direct from our company around the world. Learn More…


Bar Overs

A ‘Bar Over’ is an old term of barring an engine over in a large locomotive flywheel, to rotate a crank shaft over for inspection or timing purposes. We came up with a push button hydraulic pump (hydraulic barring tool) to turn over the engine easier and safer than what a person can do by hand. They can jog the engine or turn it over at speed. Learn More…


Testing Equipment

Allows Tame Tool’s wrenches to be calibrated in order to test the pounds of torque our wrenches are putting out and/or adjust the hydraulic power unit with the pressure release valve on the wrench. This allows mechanics in the field to confirm their wrenches are set correctly. Learn more …


Replacement Parts

Submit your request for parts and we’ll provide a quote.


Tool Repairs

Need to have one of our tools repaired by the pros that build them? Send us the details and we’ll provide a quote and shipping information.

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Model 60-20 Combination Wrench Main Bearing _ Crab Nut Wrench- Tame Tools EMD and GE Diesel engine maintenance