Model 28 EMD Main Bearing Wrench


EMD Main Bearing Wrench

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This heavy duty wrench with safe and controllable hydraulic power will reduce your time and effort in servicing main bearings. Savings in locomotive out-of-service time will quickly repay your investment.

The Model 28 Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench features adjustable torque range from 200 to 900 foot pounds. The smooth hydraulic force eliminates impact or shock loads. This allows for precision torqueing of each nut to prevent uneven “A-Frame” stress. The Wrench is equipped with an adjustable handle and push buttons built into the wrench body for direct control.

What’s included in the Model 28 EMD Main Bearing Wrench

-Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench
-Hydraulic Power Unit –1 1/8 HP Electrically Driven 10,000 psi, complete with 2 selectable pressure switches, pressure gauge, pressure regulator and factory-sealed pressure relief valve
-25-foot Hydraulic and Electrical supply lines
-4 sockets
-2 styles of Crankcase Safety Saddles
-An Air Motor, Air Hose, and 3/8″ Drive Socket
-All mounted on a rubber tired cart for ease of mobility

Part Number
115 volt AC … 28-000115-DP
230 volt AC … 28-000230-DP

For use on Electro Motive Diesel 567, 645 & 710 Locomotives