Model 60 EMD Crab Nut Wrench


EMD Crab Nut Wrench

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This heavy-duty wrench allows for smooth and accurate torque with a range of up to 3500 and maximum breakaway of 3800 foot pounds. Three torque settings available are factory at 900, 1800, 2400 foot-pounds. The mechanic controls the torque by push-button and does not have to maintain visual contact with the gauges to monitor stroke or output. The wrench cycles continuously until the selected torque is reached. At this point the unit shuts off automatically notifying the user that the crab nut is torqued.

What’s included in the Model 60 EMD Crab Nut Wrench

-Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench
-Hydraulic Power Unit-1 1/8 HP Elecrically Driven 10,000 psi, complete with 3 selectable pressure gauge, pressure regulator and factory-sealed pressure relef valve
-25-foot Hydraulic and Electrical supply lines with pendan control
-2 Socket torque fixtures
-All mounted on a pneumatic tired cart for ease of mobility
Part Number
115 volt AC … 60-000115
230 volt AC … 60-000230
For use on Electro Motive Diesel Locomotives